A nature lover's photographic journey


Thank you for checking out my gallery.  I hope you felt the sunlight touching the meadows, trees and crashing waves.  Or savored the sounds of morning stillness and passing breezes as I did.  All my work is a labor of love and it is my hope to share my wonder of nature with you.

I get so much enjoyment sharing my work, and love discussions about technique, composition, and art in general.  If you would like to leave a message, feel free to go to my “About” page, scroll to the comments section and start typing.


All of the photographs on my site are available for purchase.  Please contact me at: s1tree1@pacbell.net for details.  You can make choices on sizes, paper and framing.  I also do commissioned work.


I have many more photographs to choose from in my galleries at Flickr.com and most of them are for sale.  You can find them here:

You can also visit my Silver Tree Design website and see more of the services I offer such as: Graphic Design, Graphic Operation and Fine Art.