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PortraitThere is so much beauty all around us waiting to be explored.  The camera is one of the tools I use to capture that decisive moment when nature reveals herself.  Taking photographs allows me to stop time.  It lets me see those things I would otherwise miss.  The process of photography makes me slow down and pay attention to the details of the world around me.

A photograph is only half done when the shutter is released. The elements of design and composition, color and texture are all considerations to be weighed as I look through the viewfinder.  The quality of light as it falls on a tree or the shape of a shadow all matter in the feel of a scene.  In the digital darkroom I try to make these elements shine.  This is the second half of my process.  I make decisions about cropping, about what needs to be emphasized or de-emphasized, and colors are assessed or modified to create a mood or describe a scene or a detail more clearly.

I’ve done my job as an artist if you look at my work and feel that sense of wonder I experienced while taking the shot.

I am the founder and designer at Silver Tree Design.   I specialize in on-air and live event work, speaker support graphics, interactive media, creative logo design, and brochures.  I’m able to maintain a cool head during hot live events where controlled chaos is common.


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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Silvana

    Hey, Randall! Love the new website. Congratulations! Some of these shots make me feel like I am right in there… at home. 🙂

  2. randallharrison

    Hi Silvana. Thanks for checking out my new site. Giving a feeling of being surrounded by the scene is exactly what I am trying to do on many of my photographs. Taking these shots is a great excuse for me to get out there in nature, trying to capture some of the beauty looking back at me. I’ll be adding new images every week or so. Check back every once in a while. I hope you see something else you like the next time you visit.
    Thanks, Silvana

  3. Peggy

    Hi Randall,
    We continue to receive lots of wonderful compliments for our “Living the Dream” customized portrait that you did for us. It is proudly displayed as our centerpiece in our living room and a source of admiring comments from our guests. You were so patient and wonderful for all the additions and Magical Beings we wanted to capture. Chris just showed a smaller version of it to one of the owners at Benziger Winery (which is the background for our portrait). He and the staff LOVED it! They were struck by how much the colors “popped” and had no idea their vineyards had Fairies and Cats hanging around! As a result, they are framing the copy we gave them and are putting it in their winery tasting room. Thanks again for capturing our life through your magical lens!

  4. randallharrison

    Thank you Peggy. It was a thrill to work with you and Chris. I hope we will meet again.

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